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• Know exactly how to stay in charge of your erection

• Know exactly how to stay in control

• Be confident in your ability to make the right moves

• Know that your technique astounds your partner

• Ensure you are fulfilling ALL of your woman’s needs

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• Body position during sex

• Easily make love without getting tired

• Extend your lovemaking sessions

• Stay hard and in control

• Ejaculate when you want to

• Please your woman so much she wants more

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• Regularly exercise these particular muscle groups to increase testosterone

• Eat more of these foods and eliminate these foods

• Reduce work stress and get enough sleep

• Regain your woman’s interest in sex

• Reignite your own interest in having sex and enjoying longer sexual acts

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• You will both feel sexually and emotionally fulfilled

• Sex will be frequent and fulfilling for both of you

• You will both confidently communicate what you need

• Your woman will regularly initiate sex and regain that initial spark

• You will be in control of leading your relationship

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• Show you the mechanics to finish when needed

• Give you the knowledge to consider your partner’s needs first

• Allow her to share in “your” moment

• Understand the balance required for a solid relationship

• Her, several times then you, once – before she gets bored

You can easily resolve each of these problems - with the correct information!
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